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We provide Remote Online Notarization service as well!

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Online or In person

According to the new law, the notarization can be done Online. That’s great, right?

It’s really easy to collaborate with us, all you have to do is to fill-up the form as per your preference! That’s all.

Our trained and certified notaries are always ready to assist you, no matter what time & location you choose.

We ensure to provide you hassle-free and quick services.


Personal Notary Services:

Personal Notary Services:

Personal Notary Services:
We will come to your place whether it's any restaurant, your home, office or wherever you want- to sign any document such as living will, deed, trust, power of attorney and medical power of attorney forms. It includes everything such as Jurat, Acknowledgement etc.
Professional Loan Signing Services:

Professional Loan Signing Services:

Professional Loan Signing Services:
All types of closings, residential and commercial loans, purchase and refinances and much more! We will help you in signing all of these in a simple way. Prompt, Assured, Secure, Confidential notary services.
Online Notarization Services

Online Notarization Services

Online Notarization Services
No more waiting for a Notary when you need a quick service! Get your document notarized within few minutes. No matter the device, time of day or location, we provide SSL secure and 100% quick, professional notary services.

How it works?

Get your notarization done within minutes!
Step 2
You'll receive a confirmation call or email within 12 to 24 hours and your appointment will be booked.
Step 3
We will reach out to you and complete the signing on time.

Top Rated Packages

Buyer's Package
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Single Execution

Why choose Us?

We aim to provide secure, quick and on-time services and always open to answer your queries or doubts.

Every business needs Notary

We understand your notarization requirements related to your business, whether you’re a startup or small or even a large firm – we are experienced in getting the correct and complete notarization done within no time.

We have experience of working with wide-range of business/firms such as Real-estate companies, construction companies, schools, Car dealerships, corporations -of any type, title companies and many more.

Industry experts.Worthwhile.Convenient

Notarization Experts

We know how and which document should get notarized based on your needs. We are experts in Notarization field and like to serve our fellow citizens.

Our experts at Larkin Mobile Notary Services are readily available to answer your queries and assist you throughout your notarization process.

We enjoy what we do, so if you’re bedridden or too busy to visit a notary, let us come to you and assist you with notarization tasks.


Multiple Services in
addition to Notarization

We know what our customers need, so we are providing multiple services in addition to personal, business and remote notarization.

We provide check deposits, mail-pickup, secure document printing, passport photo and marriage contracts as well. So, if you get any urgent meeting or task, we are here to help to get your check deposits on time and much more.

Simple Process.Open to queries.Available 7 days a week

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virtual notary public in Connecticut
Online Notary Services in Connecticut - virtual notary public in Connecticut

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